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God's Blueprint for success class
Build and Expand your Business during the 
2020  Recession
with God's proven success methods.
Do you see how this timeless blueprint is the answer to your problem? That problem of having a brilliant product idea that could change people’s lives but have no clue how to take it to the market? With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, it goes without saying that you need a system that leverages the astounding benefits of technology and this system does exactly that.

Let’s face it, building something substantial can be overwhelming and even confusing at time. Which is why if you want to build a business, ministry, system or product successfully, you want to use a system that will take the headache out of your building process and guarantee your success. That system is God’s blueprint for Success.

Let me break it down for you. God’s blueprint for Success is a step-by-step system to build virtually anything. This means from the conception of an idea to the big times. This includes businesses, products, ministries, systems and so forth. I don’t believe that you ended up here by coincidence. This is the system you've been looking for.

Explain your solution using both features and benefits

On the right is the Study Guide of the training programme and it's the one i use to teach the class and unpack the blueprint for you. 

So how does it all happen, you ask? I teach the techniques in a class in Windhoek and online. In the class you get a Study Guide with all the steps explained in details, plus a bonus teaching on Project Management. The Guide is written in an easy-to-read and understand style with a lot of supporting practical information to apply in your creative, building and growth process. I also included real-life examples of how other people built their dreams, graphics to make it fun to read and a Notes segment at the end of each section so you can write down your thoughts and insights. Throughout I also point you to additional sources such as books, videos, websites etc for your references.

The Study Guide can also be bought on its own.

Learning Outcomes:

class Ideal for......

This training programme is ideal for entrepreneurs, Christian ministers, inventors, thinkers and innovators who have a God-given dream or vision or idea but lack the knowledge of how to create it. Or people who already have businesses or project but have not been satisfied with the results.


Class Details

Venue: NUST

Price: N$800

Dates: To be announced!

You can also call: +1 264 81201 7261



Clarity on idea / dream / vision

Launch and grow business or ministry

How to access the international market

Use technology to grow your business or ministry

The principles of Project Management

Demonstrate Biblical management and leadership

How to get funding for your vision

Know your role in the Kingdom of God

Think innovatively and creatively

Learn God's formula for multiplication


Tel: +264 8128 95558

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Central Africa Time)

Dorado Park, Windhoek,


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